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How to Diagnose Mobile Phone Problem – Diagnostic Codes

There could be times when you may need to troubleshoot / diagnose your mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone when there are problems with slow performance, audio, display or any other such problem. There are in-built diagnostic tools and downloadable Apps that can help you easily and quickly diagnose your mobile cell phone and troubleshoot the problem. the device that can help.

Following are some very useful and simple codes that can diagnose problems in your mobile cell phone:

  • iPhone – 3001#12345# * – This will display “Field Test” on your iPhone where you can easily test each part of the phone’s functions.
  • BlackBerry: TEST
  • HTC: *#*#3423#*#*
  • LG: 2945#*# or 2945*#01*#
  • Motorola: ##7764726
  • Nokia: ##3282
  • Samsung: * #0011#
  • Sony: 904059+>